Saturday, April 23, 2011

lol? :')


Received so many gifts before.

But received one from my sister yesterday,

and it really meant a lot to me. :D

This is going to be my Second Most Important Gift of my life. :')

Yesterday finally meet up with my sister.

Still very pretty and a more mature looking edi.

But still very sam pat. Undefeatable.

Of course, I've finally met his hubby in person.

Ng Jun Keat

*pardon me for using your real name, i dunno your nick name, paise.*

I know this fellow through Facebook,

So my impression of him through Facebook has always been darling there, darling here with my sister. LOL

First time seeing this kind of hardcore loving couple in Facebook. Bravo :D

Also, I was told that he wasn't able speak fluent Chinese. (BANANA)

Yesterday most of us were using Chinese...that's why he didn't talk much...

Damn paise le.....

After the Dinner in Station One, me and Jk went to HOTD4, everyone tagged along.

We almost won...but still lose...

In the end, we parted our ways...before we leave...sister slapped and punched my "wife"....and called her "TOFU"....

That bitchin woman...= =

But still.

Glad to see that lively woman again, haha :D



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