Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Advices of being a Good Friend.

The picture shows part of it.

But not most of it.

Tips and Facts.

A good friend do not steal other good friend's gf/ wife.

To be more precise,

A good friend will not even has the slightest thought of stealing others good friend's girlfriend/wife.

To avoid any of these situations.

Please avoid these unnecessary actions (especially activities on Facebook).

1. Do not stalk your good friend's gf/wife, checking out on their info or pictures, because that is very very disturbing to both your friend and wife.

2. In Facebook, you may speak to your good friend's gf/wife, but it would be best that you don't create a conversation that is more than 3 sentences.

3. From point 2, also please do not create any so-called "unintentionally flirt-ish manner of speaking".

4. If you're feeling dead bored, talk to your good friend, not to your good friend's gf/wife.

5. From point 4, if you think your good friend's gf/wife is bored, and doesn't have anyone to talk to, you're really dumb and wrong.

6. Think before you act, standing on your good friend's point of view, what will you feel when you witness your good friend is flirting with your gf/wife, right in the fucking front of you.

7. Understand this point clearly, you may speak to her, but always always remember to keep the converesation to the mutual friendship topics.

8. If your Good Friend's gf/wife has the intention of speaking to you first, you are excused from the several points I mentioned, but otherwise, don't.

P.S: I hoped you can be a Good Friend. -.-


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