Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello, again.


Decided to write again.


I have too many fans that have been asking/begging me to continue my legacy in blogging, only my writing can satisfy their hunger for reading. 

Definitely not because I was bored, thinking of doing some productive or my close friend convinced me to do so. 


now let us get back to the topic with the highlight of my November, my birthday. 

Yay me! :D Here's a few photos during my birthday celebration.

Now let me take my time to slowly appreciate and introduce these great friends to you who planned my birthday:

Sek Hon, Soon Siong, Katherine, Nc Nicole, Rouyin, Pheng Fei, Seng Huat, Ji Ling and Yee Lin.

Here's how the surprise went, Nc Nicole was the mastermind behind the whole surprise, she asked me out to Centro Starbucks, we talked for one hour, while the rest of the group decorated my car into a wedding car.

Well played, my friends, well played. I knew there was a surprise party, cause that's exactly what we have done for the past 5 years, lol.

Anyway, nothing has come close to this one, not as embarrassing as this one. There were people looking.

And they were sweet enough to leave some "Love messages" for me,

if you understand Mandarin or has IQ slightly higher than average, you'll understand that I just implied a sarcasm.

Here's a perfect example of what a "healthy" social group.

Me + Nc Nicole

Me + Rouyin

Pheng Fei + Me + Ji Ling



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I feel about dumb people.


I'm fine with dumb people,

but dumb people who announces their stupidity is the one that ticks me off.



Challenge Accepted.


C: Write me a story!

Meh: Challenge Accepted.



Monday, March 5, 2012

I don't like guessing games.


Case 1

F: Hey, you know what?

Me: Yes, I know the definition of what.

Case 2


Me: Shower?

Do I look like a Mind Reader to y'all?



Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Woman In Black.


This movie will make your balls shrink. Literally.


Fucking big cinema screen.

After the movie, a friend of mine who watched it with me came with a review

"This movie is more terrifying than Insidious."

I don't know, I wouldn't agree to that, but I would say they're probably on the same par or sort.

Here's the Big Reason Why.

It was a not so bad horror movie to begin with.

However; In whatever; regardless of how.

If you put in some thoughts on the Woman in Black (obviously the haunting character, duh)

Doesn't she actually resembles the "Old Lady in Black" from the movie "Insidious"?

So, from this point, I would say that this movie "The Woman In Black" has lost it's way from my liking when it comes to sense of originality.

The effects and spook scenes, they were...not new anymore?

But the whole movie packed itself with a good fright until the end,

the story/plot wise...I would say it's a "meh"

3 out of 5.



Sunday, February 19, 2012



No matter how far is the road ahead,

I know I will always have friends to walk with me.

Oh god,

what happens if they suddenly got tired of walking,

and then decides to call for a taxi and ditch me on the road?

Son of bitches, those motheruckers!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012





You are a mistake I should have never begin with.



Monday, January 9, 2012

Batman Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third


Just finished the 2 games :P

And so here's my review:

Batman Arkham City

GOOD gameplay and GOOD storyline,

the atmospheric world really sets in perfectly with the Batman's feel.

(well, though the world is not as big as Grand Theft Auto, but still good enough.)

Batman Arkham City is a sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum,

so yea...DUUUH, the story obviously picked up from there.

There's tons of puzzles you can solve, it's part of the side quests from Riddler.

There's also side quests where you go hunt some other villains which are not from the main story, damn awesome :D

Every characters were very well introduced,

and some of them were characters I haven't seen before..

Not sure if I'm getting outdated from the Batman world..

or these characters suddenly just popped out of from no where...hmmmm =="

But yea...piece of advice if you want to play this game...

Don't fucking die in the game...

otherwise the villains will show up and say disturbing things...==

To sum things up,

If you want to play a very good game.

Batman Arkham City gets

4.9 out of 5.

Saints Row: The Third

From my impression.

Character Creation,

Very cool and very funny,

there's tons of details you can choose from and play with.

It's something you don't see from any other games :D


Damn fucking cool.

Some of them gets really hilarious too,

you can expect some really funny-till-die catch phrases or scripts.


everything started very awesome,

but it gets too repetitive after a while,

and it gets "worse?"

we all know most games gets level up system,

in this game, when it comes to upgrading system..

it gets too out-of-the-world in the end...

No damage, infinite ammo, infinite stamina, blah blah blah...

Aren't those more like cheats....? =.=

So somehow it makes the gameplay from easy to super-easy...

But of course, the good side of this game,

they actually plays awesome music.

To sum things up,

if you looking for a cool game.

Saints Row: The Third gets

4 out of 5



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Old Story.


Not much to update, but someone insisted me to write something.

I wrote that biatch a post, biatches love post.

2 years ago,

I have a cousin who comes back from Australia once a year,

he would usually listen to these weird music, and I often visits him.

so thanks to him, eventually I got hooked by these music too.

After a while, I got so bored with the music from radio.

It had been playing the same type of music all over and over again...

So I listened to my own playlist using my old handphone or mp3 back then,


1 year later,



If Barney Stinson has a psych up playlist,

I have one too.

That's why I love driving my own car everytime,

I felt comfortable in every way my music playlist could possibly satisfied,

it's like having Ear-Gasm every moment driving in my own car.


I started fetching friends around,


I thought if they listened to my music playlist,

they will actually like it and think I'm awesome!


Friends listened to my music playlist,


Le Disappointed: "Okay..." :(

And the disappointment didn't end from there...

people kept complaining and changed my radio without asking..

(YES, I'm actually still pissed off about it)

So I thought, maybe I was weird among these normal people...

I am a total outcast... :(

my heart was smashed into smithereens..

I started avoiding people or friends..


I was sending a friend (Teri) back to her home..

and then I realized I was playing this "WEIRD PLAYLIST"..


Farking doomed for life, cause this friend is your regular "Girl-Next-Door"

Don't get it?

Basically she's someone you admired from afar and hard to approach in a way.

Still don't get it?

Pretty, Smart and Popular.

Before the shame kept spreading, I tried to minimize the damage before it got any worse..

So I apologized and asked (just to be polite):

"Oh, sorry, forgotten edi, do you want me to change to the radio, I know these music sounds a bit weird."

She replied:

"Why change? Your music is good la!"

and that moment for a while, I thought I heard Jesus singing or something.

And then we start exchanging music with each other on facebook after that..

Mana tau....

Oh Sweet Jesus Banana Is Delicious..

I actually have other friends who listen to these music, including my lecturer.

We built up a community after that...

I even stumbled-upon (kudos to poh) this cool music site,

I started hanging around there,

making playlists, meet new friends, be popular

and after a while, I think I've met my music soul mate :)

and then my confidence was built up again,

that's when I'm feeling good once more.

I'd like to thank all the people who helped me walked out from my misery darkness.

Moral of the story?

Don't hate-complain or rage spam on other people music,

because that will make other people sad,

then some other people will become so sad,

so sad until become a serial killer and kill so many people.

No shit, I'm not joking, the possibilities are out there.

I'm neither a hipster or hipster-wannabe,

I'm just a regular joe who loves his music.



Monday, December 26, 2011



Went to Eric's place, browsed through all his secret stashes.

Copy everything, and just finished installing:

Saints Row: The Third

Batman Arkham City

Dungeon Siege 3

Dead Island

The others...wait till I finished these 4 games first :P

I tried Saints Row: The Third...

Bloody hell...I'm in love with this game...



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Taking a break.


I've reached a point where

I'm not interested in understanding humans anymore.


Saturday, December 17, 2011



Some of you may know about this whole new timeline thing from Facebook,

some of you don't..

if you don't, here's a brief explanation..

It's basically like a new blog format thingy for your facebook,

you get to refer back the things you "did" since the day you joined facebook.

I thought it was a pretty cool feature,

until I referred back to the things I did/liked/wrote back then...

DAFUQ...I was a fucking retard.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You are the Apple of my Eye!


Yep, finally watched that show.

And movie rating is?

4.5 out of 5.

It's a really good movie,

especially is something where we all can reflect the events upon our lives.

This movie begins with all the main characters in their high school years,

the time when all teenagers just enjoying their days or having fun,

but most importantly!

it is the time when all the magic moments begin, PUPPY LOVE!

As the movie goes on, the story starts to get more realistic,

We would all know that we lived in cruel reality, there's not always a happy ending.

But still,

Love is like a heavy rain,

even if you catch cold from it,

you still wish to experience it once more.

After watching this movie, I just can't help thinking about everything again;

I felt good, but at the same time, my heart was aching badly, even until now.

And so, even though I'm not sure if she will read this,

I thought I should write back to her.






Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forever Alone.



Not sure what happened back then was serious or not...

But still...if I keep jumping off away like that...

*Hit it, Imaginary Man with God Voice!*




Friday, November 25, 2011



A temporary change..

Living room is now my bedroom..

Doing Internship Report...



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Awkward Moment.


The awkward moment when,

You start bitching to me like a little girl,

I'm serious.

Have some pride, you are a guy.



Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm feeling lonely ever since you left,

no worries,

It's not like there's any reasons for you to notice me.

But I'll keep on waiting over here,

probably one day you'd return, and we could have a conversation like before.

Like what I've vowed to myself before, I hope I've brought laughters to your life.

Keep Smiling.



Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Thing



This month didn't managed to save up any money...

Too many plans...

birthday here and there...

and there's another one tomorrow...



Just came back from a movie,


In case you didn't know,

the 2011 THE THING is actually a prequel to 1982 THE THING.

And my review for the 2011 version...

just came back from that movie..

and my brain is still a bit "duuuh-ish" right now...

So I don't really know how to put this...

Instead of using fancy words...

I think I'm just going use reactions to describe this movie...

There's the "Huuuh" moment,

then the "Eeeew"


lastly the "Haar"

Well, that's just only my opinion...

Could be because I've watched the 1982 version,

so I could possibly get how is the whole movie going to lead...

Or it could be director's fault for not hiding the characters good enough....

I thought some scenes weren't really well done or well explained to the audience...

Some of the characters even looked almost the same, so you might get confused about them too..

I think, the whole movie could have been a whole lot better...

Let's just end it this way,

if you're looking for:

Adequate horror,

and a bit mind-fucked-ish movie.

Yea, this is your movie..

but not highly recommended to go watch with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

This movie gets 2 out of 5.


Ma cau hai....the whole cinema, got 3 pairs of couples and only one single me...

Damn embarassing...need to find one girlfriend a.s.a.p...



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Close enough.


Was reading this article a few months ago,

It's about Lucid Dream, about how one self is aware of him/herself is aware that one is dreaming..

And then,

you be the God in your own dream realm,

you can even talk to your own thoughts as if you're talking to another person

and all sorts of other crazy stuffs.

So basically, I've been trying this out since then...

managed to pull out a couple of few tricks since then..

And then I had another one yesterday,

Probably the whackiest and the most epic lucid dream I've ever had this month.

In this dream,

I was drinking and joking with a couple of other guys in a bar.

I couldn't really remember what's the conversation was about,

But I remembered something,

I told them:

"Oh, hey guys, I'll be right back, I think I forgot to switch on my alarm."

I walked into a door when I got up, it was pitch black.

Then I woke up straight away after that..

I looked for my phone and checked...

I really have forgotten to switch on the alarm clock... =.=

Turn it on, and then straight went to bed again...

And, I was back at the table talking to the guys again.....LOL



Monday, October 10, 2011