Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am farking pro :D

A bit jealous.

But very proud of myself.

hehehe, congrats upon your engagement!

Next time belanja me to a big meal.



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weird Nightmare -.-

One of the weirdest and most pek cek nightmare I've ever had..

It was kind of realistic..

2 sumo-sized fat ass broke into my house...

I went into my mom's room and locked the door...

While I was panicking and busy fending the robbers off...

My mom was watching her drama series... = =

Damn it....


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lying my way from you :D

Being single is the best. :D


Saturday, April 23, 2011

lol? :')


Received so many gifts before.

But received one from my sister yesterday,

and it really meant a lot to me. :D

This is going to be my Second Most Important Gift of my life. :')

Yesterday finally meet up with my sister.

Still very pretty and a more mature looking edi.

But still very sam pat. Undefeatable.

Of course, I've finally met his hubby in person.

Ng Jun Keat

*pardon me for using your real name, i dunno your nick name, paise.*

I know this fellow through Facebook,

So my impression of him through Facebook has always been darling there, darling here with my sister. LOL

First time seeing this kind of hardcore loving couple in Facebook. Bravo :D

Also, I was told that he wasn't able speak fluent Chinese. (BANANA)

Yesterday most of us were using Chinese...that's why he didn't talk much...

Damn paise le.....

After the Dinner in Station One, me and Jk went to HOTD4, everyone tagged along.

We almost won...but still lose...

In the end, we parted our ways...before we leave...sister slapped and punched my "wife"....and called her "TOFU"....

That bitchin woman...= =

But still.

Glad to see that lively woman again, haha :D



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

today is a super sad day..

What a turnout of events...

My life is filled with melancholic drama...

I will never ever be acknowledged by someone like him...

It'll be better if I leave that place...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First Good News and most important of all...

Of course...

The news which all of you (mostly me only) have been waiting for.....

*Drum rolls*

*Fat Lady sings*

*Putting in the Deng Deng Deng effects*



"Oh bay-bi, you know how long I wait for you?"

"You had me worried soooo much about you! T.T"

"But you're home safe now, bay-bi...i forgive you~ KISS KISS! "

Addendum for the Good News!

Damn happy when I was finally able to finish my sculpture of Kabuto Rider T.T

Got a lot of good comments from my fellow classmates and my lecturer is satisfied with it! :D

Super glad that my hard work and efforts pay off... :D

And lastly, weird but true...

Dunno why am I including this...i feel a bit excited but weird...==

I might be taking a role in a Horror Movie..


Like I said...for the sake of good money...bear with it lo...

Wish me luck.................


Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Advices of being a Good Friend.

The picture shows part of it.

But not most of it.

Tips and Facts.

A good friend do not steal other good friend's gf/ wife.

To be more precise,

A good friend will not even has the slightest thought of stealing others good friend's girlfriend/wife.

To avoid any of these situations.

Please avoid these unnecessary actions (especially activities on Facebook).

1. Do not stalk your good friend's gf/wife, checking out on their info or pictures, because that is very very disturbing to both your friend and wife.

2. In Facebook, you may speak to your good friend's gf/wife, but it would be best that you don't create a conversation that is more than 3 sentences.

3. From point 2, also please do not create any so-called "unintentionally flirt-ish manner of speaking".

4. If you're feeling dead bored, talk to your good friend, not to your good friend's gf/wife.

5. From point 4, if you think your good friend's gf/wife is bored, and doesn't have anyone to talk to, you're really dumb and wrong.

6. Think before you act, standing on your good friend's point of view, what will you feel when you witness your good friend is flirting with your gf/wife, right in the fucking front of you.

7. Understand this point clearly, you may speak to her, but always always remember to keep the converesation to the mutual friendship topics.

8. If your Good Friend's gf/wife has the intention of speaking to you first, you are excused from the several points I mentioned, but otherwise, don't.

P.S: I hoped you can be a Good Friend. -.-


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super Tired..

Back from Part Time Job..

Super exhausting and super tired...

( to touch my laptop..T.T)

But what can I do about it..

For the sake and love for Money...

Bear with it lo... D:

During work...I can't help to notice the same similar scenes for the past 3 days..

I'm working..

They're shopping..

Which also leads me to another question..

Why do some of us had to work hard to our bones to feed ourselves..

While others are able to enjoy themselves or slack off at home waiting for their "weekly income" from their parents... = =

It also makes me feel worse seeing them wearing fancy new clothes... = =

Arrrgh...fucking hate it when there's inequality exists in our sad sad society...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me n Aaaaaaah! D:

This is me


What happened to the good musics I used to like!

You can hardly find any good musics anymore.

It's like The End of The World! D:

No more noise pollution please...

especially you, Lady Gaga D:

Aaaaaaah! D:

Pls pls pls pls plscome home soon..........dear...


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Scene 1

Gal: "How did that happened?"

Guy: "Very long story, lazy explain..."

Gal: "Why are you being this way? IF you can't even explain such simple thing, how do you expect yourself to survive in this society?"

Guy: "Sigh..."

Scene 2

Gal: "Eh, they sent a new code, does that mean I have to change my id, password and everything else?"

Guy: "No, I've key in using the newest code, just key in the user id and password I wrote for you in a paper just now."

Gal: "But this is a new code wor."

Guy: "No, it will change nothing, don't worry, just key in the user id and password I wrote for you in a paper just now."

Gal: "Are you sure, but last time I already have the code, now suddenly sent a new code."

Guy: "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....just key in the user id and password I wrote for you in a paper just now......just key me....."


Now you understand why men can never exaplain some things to women?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aaaaah! D:

Summer gets a bit lonely now...


Saturday, April 9, 2011


想把你忘了,难. :/


Thursday, April 7, 2011


A big question.

With a Big "IF".

IF, one day, your companion had become different.

A.Would you stay?

B.Or would you leave?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6 April 2011 FML

Life is getting harder in college, that's ok.

But it gets harder when you're taking bus to college.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with taking buses.

The problem begins with your own personal etiquette.

Which is,

Me, myself who was trying to be a good boy.

Trying hard not to get my ass whooped for being late in class.

But there are always obstacles to your success.

So, here's the catch:

1.Federal highway is very the jam, especially in the morning. (Pack of slaves going to work)

2.Bus Drivers are very typical Singaporean- KiaSu, they are willing to wait 30 minutes till the bus is full only depart.

3.I am working with my sculpture for my assignments, 70% of my weak Stamina spent on that, so, I get cranky and tired easily this few days. Beware.

4.I have to change a bus transit to get into my college, and this particular Bus Driver is lebih KiaSu than any others you know(Bus T628. can only be found in PJ), he reaches the bus stop, but decided to let the bus wait for 45 minutes, only let us on board. And took him 20 minutes to reach your destination. Also, I have to wait that KiaSu piece of shit 1 hour+ just to take the bus from my college to another bus transit.

Summing up all together.

The best way to avoid being late for my 9am class is to use

The W.P.D

Wife Pregnancy Department.


Wake up early, Prepare early, Depart Early.

And of course, following that rule keeps me alive till now.

Reached college early today also.

8.15a.m..45 minutes earlier than the class.

So damn proud of myself.

But just when I stepped into class.

*Beep Beep*

Read sms: "Class cancelled."

So, I was so damn very very very very confused at that moment.

Should I be angry?

Should I be tired?

Should I be happy?

Should I be laughing?

It was like a comedy show.

Except, that you're the jackass who are being laugh at.




Seriously, my life is filled with drama.

Just so you know, I'm not angry with my dear Lecturer.

She's a good woman. Funny, btw.

I think she needs to visit her mother, emergency. I think.

So i am ok with that.

I am ok with anything if you have a good reason for your mistakes/loss/misplacements.

Like I said, I am cranky this few days.

I'm blaming not my lecturer,

but on my shitty luck, that's all. lol

So, after the whole yelling and screaming in my head.

I cool down a bit.

Went to 7-11.

To check on the cute cashier girl I've been noticing.

Bought myself a carton of yummy chocolate milk.

And then went back home after that. Taking the fucking bus rides again.



Monday, April 4, 2011



My wife is coming soon!!!!!!!

Happy dao!!!!!!!



Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.

I'm so sad, so very very sad.