Thursday, July 28, 2011



Some of you may have noticed my previous facebook status update on Monday.

"Goodbye world..."

Seriously, that was a prank.

Stop gossiping around me.

I posted that right before I departed to my class trip to Cameron Highland.

And yes, I'm back from Cameron Highland. On Tuesday night, to be more exact.

No fark, it was terribly emo when the trip ends.

Because my friend won't give me my damn strawberries.

So I had to kill him for it,

I'd to waste my precious 2 hours to bury that mothertrucker.

Kiddings. AS USUAL~

But seriously, it was really terribly emo to me when the trip comes to an end.

During the trip I had fun,

But I can't keep avoiding the serious topics, especially when the time is up.

I talked to my friends, asking about what plans they have in future.

Some of them decided to go UK to further their studies.

Some not, mainly not because they don't want to.

So I couldn't stop thinking,

The decisions everyone had are different,

one day, we eventually had to separate on our own ways.

And that day might is coming soon,

I need to make up my thoughts now.


So what's next?

Work or further my degree studies?

But study where?

Study Local or go UK?


Strawberry + Yogurt + Honey = DA BOMB



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can it be?


That call.

When you talk,

When you laugh,

When you shared your secrets.

Perhaps that moment,

shall be another best moment in my life?



Monday, July 18, 2011

From Hell to Hell.


Can't find the more accurate word to describe myself,

so I'm just going to use my favorite one.



Why so noob?

This post is regarding my laptop.

If you don't see me update my blog for at least 2 weeks,

Then yes,

it means my dad reads my blog,

and he killed me after reading this post,

Help me call police. Thanks in advance.


Here's what happened.

3 weeks ago, I brought my laptop to college,

Did something that made my hard disk went dead.

Can't open my laptop anymore.

I thought, well, maybe it's a good thing..

Maybe it's a sign that I should buy a new one to replace this 4 yrs old lappie.

And then me mom told me dad about this,

Straight away took it to fix it without hearing me opinion..==

After that...he was pissed off about the cost to repair.

*small amount*


Guess I have to stuck with this 4 yrs lappie for another 2 years...

My laptop was returned to me after 3 days. (Monday)

I started to rush my designs for a client.

I submitted the designs on Friday.

But no reply or news from the client....==

Until Tuesday...

They finally replied me.


*10 minutes before they replied..*



Of course, no nid say, this can only means 2 things.

1.Laptop confirmed died.

1.I confirmed died.

Seriously...I was worried that moment...

But I wasn't worry about my client's designs...

I'm cursed.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

A bit update, here and there.



S: "Oooooh, so nice? come and like my photos?"

D: "Not really, I forgot your blog url, came to your profile check and like the photos on the way."

S: "ass"

Not today

Not really much to update..

It's been a while since I update my blog...

So..I'm just going to throw in some random past story of mine...

I'm very sure that everyone are aware of this situation..

Where you took this table along with your friends in a restaurant,

then your friends went to order their food first,

leaving you all alone to guard that very table.

And then someone might/maybe/would come up to you and asked

"Is there anyone sitting this table?"

And then you might/maybe/would replied them

"Fuck yea, now fuck off, mate"

Well, I said you might. Who knows?



I remembered back then...

When I was young..

I was adorable, cute and fun...*cough*

I was about 4 yrs old? I think?

Maybe a bit younger, cause what I did back then was a bit retarded.


My parents brought me to this restaurant,

and that restaurant was a bit kia su (singaporean) type..

They required you to do self service, by going to the counter yourself,

To place your orders.

The whole restaurant was full,

but we found one table soon after we got in..

And then, my parents told me to stay at the table.

So, I listened.

While they were ordering.

Some random 28+ yrs old woman asked in chinese.

"Is there anyone taking this table?"

It was my first encounter.

My parents told me to stay in the table only.

I dunno what to do?

And I wasn't really focused to what she asked,

So I straight away shake my head without saying anything,

hoping that she would walk away.

But, I was wrong, she sat down in front of me.

My parents came back with the foods.

We all sat down together.

All four of us.

Me, dad, mom and that Office Lady.

Which was.........



God daaaamn....

Awkward moment of my life....


back then...

When I was young..

I was adorable, cute and fun...*cough*



Monday, July 4, 2011

Alien Issues (Movies)


Why did I quote there (Movies)?

Because it happens to some of my other posts..

I got a total of 450+ views from different countries for the past 2 months...

But all came from one same entry..



So..I quote there Movies..

Just in case..

scared that people are searching for Alien Facts..and end up in here..

This blog was supposed to be my *diary* thingy..


Coming back to the post.

This post particularly talking about these 2 movies,

which are also one of my favorites now, yay!

Super 8 and Attack The Block.





Interesting Fact of my life.

Before I went to watch these 2 movies.

A lot people complaint to me how bad these movies were.


Imma Bitch Slap in Yo Face!

Reason: (Super 8)

"Oh, dear lord, don't know what the hell are they talking about."

"OMG, WORST ENDING EVER, don't know why that alien didn't do that at first!"

"And the alien looks like Transformer."

Reply: (Me)


You love and understand crap movies like Transformer 2 and Alien VS Predator 2.. don't understand this kid movie?


Diu you!

That's because they're aliens, from outer space, they don't have AirAsia, you fark shet!

If humans can explain how he did that, then the humans might as well build one space craft since they were holding the alien's technologies!


I'm sorry, but I hate you personally.

For some reason, I don't know how the hell you managed to go opposite of me,




I say this movie sucks, you say it was the best movie. Vice Versa.

It hurts me more to see you doing the movie review.

Back to topic.

You hate Super 8, because it looks like Transformer is one of your reasons?


Reason (Attack The Block)

"Diu, wasted 1 hour and a half of my life. This movie no story at all. I only watch movies with good storyline."

Reply: (Me)

Got story.

Every movies also got their stories.

It just depend on how the storyline is being well developed.


Your favorite Transformer movie series are called Movie with no storyline.

*Except for Transformer 3*

This one guarantee got a good storyline,

but I don't understand how you didn't see it.

Maybe like what I've said,


You expect some old green and small alien creature with beard,

suddenly came out from a spaceship,

And then starts explaining shits to you?

Even worse yet, using "ENGLISH" to explain?

About how their planet is lost,

How they need to refuge on our planet Earth.

But suddenly aliens from their clan decided to rule the Earth?

Wake up, bro, wake up.

Attack The Block is a movie about Actions and Consequences.

4.5 out of 5.