Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Madness..

30th September 2010

Venue: Station 1, Klang

Organiser: Rouyin "Da Boss"

Objectives: Meeting up with Rouyin..

"Da Boss" planned this 2 weeks ago...but I was busy...

"Da Boss" postponed it till yesterday...a bit grateful.. :P

We went there to meet up with her...but a bit tough situation for JayK...

Apparently he still left with 1.2k words to finish up for his assignment which is due on the second day, Hurrah.

I'm not sure if he'd finished it or not...haha...

He brought he laptop to Station rush his assignment over there...

He didn't want to go during that time...but felt guilty towards the "Da Boss"...

One bottle of Carlsberg..

Yes...that is mine...I was in need of a liquor to drunk my miserable self...

A bit heartbroken that moment...

And realized that one bottle is not enough...

I brought my mini HP over there...

Kena sabotaged by "Da Boss"..if u know what I meant...==

Anyhow...we had fun over...

We took pictures..

We talked about things..

We talked about nonsense...

And still...


In the end..."Da Boss" paid the bill... :P

Thank you, Boss :D


Saturday, September 25, 2010

: )

One month Anniversary

Is it time to say? :P


Monday, September 20, 2010

Things To Do Before I Die #27

Things To Do Before I Die #27

Title: Big Air


20th September 2010 ( 12:54a.m )

1.Why is there a list of things I want to accomplish before I die: least I got those experiences before I die, LOL

2.Am I going to die:

How I know? = =

3.How did I come up with #27: Big Air:

From movies, I have always been wondering how it feels like flying in a car.

According to asian people, we're used to say "Fly Car, Fly Car"

Fly Car: speeding

Yesterday, I was in my friend's car, and he 'sort-of' magically did a real

Fly Car!!!

How it happens:

A group of friends went to Sino Net, cyber cafe.

They played till 12.50am midnight.

Mom called.

Threaten to lock me outside that night.

We paid and ran to the car.

I forced my friend to go through the Green Light before it turns Red.

Friend speeeeeeeeeeeed like hell.

Didn't realize that was a small bump ahead.



And then both of us were floating in the air.

Credits to Edrei Khoo.

(pls do not try this on your own attempt, the following stunt was done by this lucky faggot and miraculously survived )

I sms you, the rest is up to you. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'Reply' "Reply"

Girl: "I R3Gr3T jOr, pLS 4GiV3 m3"

Guy: "that's your own problem"


Thursday, September 9, 2010

To impress, I learn.

To impress her.

I've learned to draw.

To impress her.

I've learned to dance.

To impress her.

I've learned to be a better man.

To impress her.

I've learned to sacrifice.

To impress her.

I've learned to let go.

To impress her.

I've learned to free myself from my own tormented room.

To impress her.

I've learned to protect.

To impress Her.

I want to be Perfect.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Went to watch Piranha movie at MBO, with my imaginary friends. :)


(Spoiler Alerts)

What do I think about Piranha Movie:

1. 1 bottle of beer is enough to kill half of the city, LOL

2. Boobies. Lots of BOOOOBIES. :D

3. Don't watch this in cinema, the Pihak Berkuasa've cut all the porn stunts >:(

4. I should buy the blue-ray disc, b'cause I want to watch all the porn stunts >:)

5. A man's lower half was bitten and says: "They took my penis..they took my penis.."

6. The ending of the movie is hilariously fark up

7. The idea of Piranha 2 would be epic fail.

Brief Summary of This Movie:

I also don't know how to goes something like this..

Men found Ancient Piranha, that should be extinct 2 millions years ago.

Men having Great Bikini Party, awesome Men.

Ancient Piranhas attack Great Bikini Party;

Not so awesome after all.

That movie only deserves a ironic score of 2 out of 5

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Japanese Hip-Hop Recorder / DJ

If you noticed, Nujabes / Seba Jun

That's his real name.

I just found out about his music 2 days ago, 6th of September.

It was awesome to the max.

Heavenly music.


Born on February 7, 1974,

Passed away on February 26, 2010


Thanks for the music.

Friday, September 3, 2010

You, She and Them.

You're a special someone to me.

Even though, it seems impossible for me.

I would still protect you with my flesh and my mind.

She's a ghost to me.

Someone I cared at first, but passed away.

But she still haunts me.

They're the ones I care for.

With joys and laughter we shared.

Without them, my life would seems nothing.