Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello, again.


Decided to write again.


I have too many fans that have been asking/begging me to continue my legacy in blogging, only my writing can satisfy their hunger for reading. 

Definitely not because I was bored, thinking of doing some productive or my close friend convinced me to do so. 


now let us get back to the topic with the highlight of my November, my birthday. 

Yay me! :D Here's a few photos during my birthday celebration.

Now let me take my time to slowly appreciate and introduce these great friends to you who planned my birthday:

Sek Hon, Soon Siong, Katherine, Nc Nicole, Rouyin, Pheng Fei, Seng Huat, Ji Ling and Yee Lin.

Here's how the surprise went, Nc Nicole was the mastermind behind the whole surprise, she asked me out to Centro Starbucks, we talked for one hour, while the rest of the group decorated my car into a wedding car.

Well played, my friends, well played. I knew there was a surprise party, cause that's exactly what we have done for the past 5 years, lol.

Anyway, nothing has come close to this one, not as embarrassing as this one. There were people looking.

And they were sweet enough to leave some "Love messages" for me,

if you understand Mandarin or has IQ slightly higher than average, you'll understand that I just implied a sarcasm.

Here's a perfect example of what a "healthy" social group.

Me + Nc Nicole

Me + Rouyin

Pheng Fei + Me + Ji Ling