Thursday, July 28, 2011



Some of you may have noticed my previous facebook status update on Monday.

"Goodbye world..."

Seriously, that was a prank.

Stop gossiping around me.

I posted that right before I departed to my class trip to Cameron Highland.

And yes, I'm back from Cameron Highland. On Tuesday night, to be more exact.

No fark, it was terribly emo when the trip ends.

Because my friend won't give me my damn strawberries.

So I had to kill him for it,

I'd to waste my precious 2 hours to bury that mothertrucker.

Kiddings. AS USUAL~

But seriously, it was really terribly emo to me when the trip comes to an end.

During the trip I had fun,

But I can't keep avoiding the serious topics, especially when the time is up.

I talked to my friends, asking about what plans they have in future.

Some of them decided to go UK to further their studies.

Some not, mainly not because they don't want to.

So I couldn't stop thinking,

The decisions everyone had are different,

one day, we eventually had to separate on our own ways.

And that day might is coming soon,

I need to make up my thoughts now.


So what's next?

Work or further my degree studies?

But study where?

Study Local or go UK?


Strawberry + Yogurt + Honey = DA BOMB



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