Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello again..


Hello again, blog.

It's been a while, at least 3 weeks?

Now, I would not announce this as an official post too,

since I've got nothing much on my mind to put in my secret journal now.

But you do know that I've started my internship 2 weeks ago, right?

You don't?

You're going to hell...............

Just kidding~~

Well anyway, doing so far so good in my internship.

I enjoyed every working moments over there,

Just yesterday afternoon, Mr.Faizal reach out to me and shook my hand.

He said "Good Job on the video, Thank You Very Much, you did a really fabulous work."

And 3 proposals out of 4 that I've made, they'll be using it.. :')

Really hope that the client would accept it...

Oh fark, I can die happy now. :')


Reminder for myself, don't mind me.

Coldplay. Marcus D. Nujabes.



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