Sunday, July 10, 2011

A bit update, here and there.



S: "Oooooh, so nice? come and like my photos?"

D: "Not really, I forgot your blog url, came to your profile check and like the photos on the way."

S: "ass"

Not today

Not really much to update..

It's been a while since I update my blog...

So..I'm just going to throw in some random past story of mine...

I'm very sure that everyone are aware of this situation..

Where you took this table along with your friends in a restaurant,

then your friends went to order their food first,

leaving you all alone to guard that very table.

And then someone might/maybe/would come up to you and asked

"Is there anyone sitting this table?"

And then you might/maybe/would replied them

"Fuck yea, now fuck off, mate"

Well, I said you might. Who knows?



I remembered back then...

When I was young..

I was adorable, cute and fun...*cough*

I was about 4 yrs old? I think?

Maybe a bit younger, cause what I did back then was a bit retarded.


My parents brought me to this restaurant,

and that restaurant was a bit kia su (singaporean) type..

They required you to do self service, by going to the counter yourself,

To place your orders.

The whole restaurant was full,

but we found one table soon after we got in..

And then, my parents told me to stay at the table.

So, I listened.

While they were ordering.

Some random 28+ yrs old woman asked in chinese.

"Is there anyone taking this table?"

It was my first encounter.

My parents told me to stay in the table only.

I dunno what to do?

And I wasn't really focused to what she asked,

So I straight away shake my head without saying anything,

hoping that she would walk away.

But, I was wrong, she sat down in front of me.

My parents came back with the foods.

We all sat down together.

All four of us.

Me, dad, mom and that Office Lady.

Which was.........



God daaaamn....

Awkward moment of my life....


back then...

When I was young..

I was adorable, cute and fun...*cough*



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