Thursday, June 30, 2011

My laptop, my blog and Transformer 3

My Laptop

Ok...this is sad...really sad...

My final exam and final assignments are month holiday..

HURRAH for that!

But the thing laptop died again...

And I thought I can spend one month misery llife on gaming again...

Why laptop? Why?

I thought we were friends?

All the fun we shared, all the games we played...

And all the porns we watched....


It's not really dead though...

He still managed to run 5 minutes for me...

Well...i guess it's enough for me to check my notifications...

But sudden programs...

Especially MSN.

Kit: yo

kit: noob

Kit: go die

Kit: oi

Kit: wat u doing?

*laptop dies*

I hate u ppl.

My blog

my baby needs a new look.

Transformer 3

Working as a Sony Promoter,

there's an awesome privilege.

Mooooooovies, tons of movies!

Of coz, I watched T1 and T2 a couple of times over there...

It was terrible...

Those 2movies were disastrous...


When I bought T3 ticket...

I was like "WTH am I doing..."

But turns out the movie was actually pretty good.

Rated 4 /5

Call me sick or whatsoever..

But finally...u finally gets to see more dead humans.

Nigga pls,

In a battlefield, it's cruel and bloody...

Innocent lives may get caught in it...

Now that is what I called real..

Story wise is overall well done.

more epic battle scenes,

less lame slap stick comedies.

Everything is well explained..for once...

Good movie. Good movie.

P.S: blogging on phone sucks hard.



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