Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update Update.

My update about my upcoming daily progress.

Nothing much, but I'm pretty happy about myself recently.

Able to achieve quite a few things in my life. well, it's about time.


Been doing a lot of designing for my college assignments.

Fellow classmates thought my works are not bad, lecturer likes it too.

It really makes me feel good and keeping my spirit up and motivated. ^^

I even got a opportunity call from a friend of mine, he wanted me to try out a few character designs for his upcoming Online Game. ^^

But...there is this subject, Corporate Communication I took in college...

We are undergoing some big project where we have to create an event, which we have to help an orphanage...

And...aside from my usual specialty as creative crew...I was assigned as an Facilitator.

What's a Facilitator?

This is pretty much what a Facilitator does. Look!

Don't get the idea? Your loss :)

Jokes, for those who understands.

I swear, that is not a Facilitator.

Facilitator is pretty like a combination of these following roles.

babysitter/team leader/role model.

I know, right?

Why me?

I do certainly hope the kids are still able to crawl away after for months under my care.

Are you sure I was even qualified to be a "Role Model"?

Are you EVEN sure I was a guy who can walk past inside the church? *HISS*

Putting that aside...that pisses me off actually..

As a Facilitator...I was listed as one the "compulsory" ones who has to come to the meeting/bonding sessions with the children...

There goes my auditioning for character designs and class trip with my classmates...


Cath: LoL, you never ceased to amaze me with your evil jokes.

P.S: Have I mentioned anything about me. Being a good guy? :D


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