Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm a magician.

I'm a soldier, a slave and a dog.

Loyal as hell it is.

You thought you can create wonders,

But you never did and I had no complaints.

No one is perfect.

I tried to create wonders for you.

Bringing convenience for you, working like a dog

hoping it will be enough to cover up you, and your sad, lazy and sloppy life.

Just a simple: "Job well done." was enough.

But not a word from you,

never a single and simple word of compliment from you.

I had, I was and I'm in trouble.

You were there for me.

Not to be rude or anything,

but you did not offer any help.


I would rather that you'd ignored me.

Instead of trying to give me your usual "Help".

I'm tired of thinking and hoping.

I have no solutions.

Because there are no solutions.

I can't and can never get through that thick skull of yours.

You expect me to present 1 million, cash, right in front of you.

I can't and I'm sorry.

Because that is reality.

What I have in my mind right now.

Is to be a magician,

to perform the greatest magic of all.

I don't need no assistant.

I'm going solo.

My stage is ready.

But all I need is to hear it from you.

I'm still feeling a bit "sensitive".

Those magic words.

Say it to me.

Say it to me please.

It's good enough for me to take it as an "encouragement."

Say it to me.

Say it to me now.

Those pretty, fucking, little magic words.

I'll show you how amazing I can be in your life.

Just say it those magic words of yours.

And I'll disappear from your life.


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