Thursday, October 20, 2011

Close enough.


Was reading this article a few months ago,

It's about Lucid Dream, about how one self is aware of him/herself is aware that one is dreaming..

And then,

you be the God in your own dream realm,

you can even talk to your own thoughts as if you're talking to another person

and all sorts of other crazy stuffs.

So basically, I've been trying this out since then...

managed to pull out a couple of few tricks since then..

And then I had another one yesterday,

Probably the whackiest and the most epic lucid dream I've ever had this month.

In this dream,

I was drinking and joking with a couple of other guys in a bar.

I couldn't really remember what's the conversation was about,

But I remembered something,

I told them:

"Oh, hey guys, I'll be right back, I think I forgot to switch on my alarm."

I walked into a door when I got up, it was pitch black.

Then I woke up straight away after that..

I looked for my phone and checked...

I really have forgotten to switch on the alarm clock... =.=

Turn it on, and then straight went to bed again...

And, I was back at the table talking to the guys again.....LOL



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