Friday, October 22, 2010

That Gal.

In this post.

I'm introducing a gal to all the guys out there.

Check her out! :D


Why am I writing this post for this chick here...

1. I got nothing else better to me...

2. My ascribed position as a "best best best fren" must help...

3. I'm afraid that she would spam 99 at my FB wall...

I was her "best best best best fren"....but got downgraded to "best best best fren" few days ago...

So, brief description here about her

1.Name, Ooi Rouyin / Siao Po / Siao Cha Bo

2.Leng-Lui (hungry wolves can go for her )

3.Currently, at least I think she's still single ( I think )

4.Her studies are imba.

5.Can be very naive sometimes. But naive is cute, kudos for that *yippee*

6.She quite kiam pa sometimes, in the late middle of the night will spam call you...

7.A very expressive type of gal, ur life won't get bored when you're with her

8.She gets excited easily, I wonder why..

K lo..that's all...for more information...go ask her urself...go dota now...haha


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