Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Went to watch Piranha movie at MBO, with my imaginary friends. :)


(Spoiler Alerts)

What do I think about Piranha Movie:

1. 1 bottle of beer is enough to kill half of the city, LOL

2. Boobies. Lots of BOOOOBIES. :D

3. Don't watch this in cinema, the Pihak Berkuasa've cut all the porn stunts >:(

4. I should buy the blue-ray disc, b'cause I want to watch all the porn stunts >:)

5. A man's lower half was bitten and says: "They took my penis..they took my penis.."

6. The ending of the movie is hilariously fark up

7. The idea of Piranha 2 would be epic fail.

Brief Summary of This Movie:

I also don't know how to goes something like this..

Men found Ancient Piranha, that should be extinct 2 millions years ago.

Men having Great Bikini Party, awesome Men.

Ancient Piranhas attack Great Bikini Party;

Not so awesome after all.

That movie only deserves a ironic score of 2 out of 5

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