Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meh, just another legacy.



It is true that I injured my left eye.

And of course, I thought I should let everyone know what happened through my blog.

They deserve to know the truth behind this injury.


18th September 2011, Providence.

The night was cold, but it shook off

as I took a sip from that warm espresso in my hand.

From Blue State Coffee, Thayer Street.


I would tell anyone that I always wanted to try new coffee,

But the truth is,

Starbucks was a couple more blocks away from Blue State Coffee.

Walking back to Bowen Street.

Straight ahead, there's where it will soon begin.

I took another sip of espresso

and continue my investigation,

The theories and clues just won't come together.

Even though Aslan is my most reliable sources of all,

maybe, just maybe, I thought,

Maybe Aslan was wrong again.

That one time in Brooklyn Street.

That piece of information about the missing children,

turn out was just a postiche from a wannabe.

And I gave that wannabe a new third breathing hole.

But this time,

in Rhode Island,

Oblivious Rich Fag will kidnap Emma Wattson.

My normal reaction to this situation,

I would usually text Aslan back and says:

"Fuck you."

But I didn't,

Without any hesitation,

I traveled here according to the informant,

What can I say,

I'm just another big fan of Emma Wattson.

Looking at the bright side, it's been a while since I traveled,

even if this is another false information or prank.

maybe I will just drop by New York and break a few fingers of Aslan.

It's 12:49 a.m now.

That's exactly 4 hours since my arrival.

That's 12:53 p.m back in my country.

And there they are.

2 male walking out from Brown University,

with a blindfolded and hand tied female between them.

Judging the female from my distance,

Sweet mother of all heavens, she is Emma Wattson.

And then I took a quick scan on the males.

Should be around 23-ish, 5.95 feet tall...


I was sucker punched right in the left eye,

before I could finish my analysis of my dreadful kidnappers.

There was a third guy all along,

my cover was blown.

I must say, whoever made that punch is smart,

Sending a heavy jab into your opponent's eye,

no matter how tough your body is, what kind of hit you can withstand;

Know This.

Your eye is still the most vulnerable of them all.

Even a light hit can cause significant damage like a partially detached retina.

Taking a hit like that into your eye,

Pain, no doubt.

Your vision goes blur for less than 30 minutes, if you're lucky.

Blood starts running into your eye, feeling a bit lightheadedness at the same time.

Coming back to my conscious,

I must quickly regain my steady feet

I must be ready before the second strike comes close.

As I look up, praise the Lord.

With my good eye,

I quickly parried the second punch that's coming for my face.

Smart thug was trying to knock me out with another heavy blow.

Grabbed his trench coat, I gave him a helpful fist in his lower left rib cage.

Before he tried to catch his breath again,

I sent him out with a quick jab into his jaw.

The other 2 Oblivious Rich Fags arrived soon later,

but was soon put down cold

right beside their 3rd partner in crime.

As I pressed my hand against my injured eye, the eye-bag was slightly cut;

I walked towards my goddess,

she looked rather calmed now.

From my guess, she was smart enough to know that she was safe now,

when she heard the Oblivious Rich Fags have gone quiet for a while since her capture.

I untie her hands,

She can remove the blindfold herself after that.

I wouldn't want to dirty her beautiful face with these hands.

"Thank you"

That one simple word from her,

it was magical, the pain my injured eye was slowly going away.

I could kiss Aslan on the cheek, for a couple of times.

I called the cops to clear the mess.

and walked away after that,

without saying a word to her.

"Hey, where are you going?" She asked in the most beautiful voice.


I lied, I was looking for the nearest hospital to tend my wound.

"Wait, can I at least know who are you?" She asked again.

Immediately, I looked for all the quotes from the library in my mind.

Should I speak like James Bond?

"My name is Bond, James Bond?"

Nope, not original at all.

Or perhaps I should say some confusing poems?

"I am here is getting there, I wish I was there is getting there."

Nope, too cheesy.

Without wasting another moment,

I told her.

This time with a smile.

"I'm just another big fan of yours."

Then I faded into my dark shadows again.


I was washing my car.

Left the wiper outside.

Washing the lower part of my car, stood up and there goes the wiper in my eye.


I would like to thank my parents and my cousins who have been taking real good care of me when I was half blinded for the past few days. :D



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