Friday, June 25, 2010


Quite happy this few days..

Not because I'm using any marijuana...I'm clean, perfectly fine!

This is Marijuana to some people.

This is the Marijuana to most of the people :D

Reasons for my epic happiness!

First of phone finally fixed edi...

How I miss my music playlists...

It was so farked up last time...

The whole buttons cannot press...only the red one can...



The mega mall behind my house area was launching their cinema opening 2 days ago!

So I went there to catch a movie with my cousins who were back from Australia just a few days ago!


Unbelievable lah this movie...

We've waited for already 11 years!!!!!!

Ever since the 2nd sequel was out...

The first one was good, cause no one ever thought of using toys for their movie..

Toy story - 4 / 5

The second one...It was ok...there were a few scenes which I thought was quite lame...

Toy story - 3 / 5

But as for Toy Story 3....


But the was quite sad... :(

I think 99.9999998% no more Toy Story 4 edi..... :(

Toy Story 3 - 5 / 5 ( for me lo...I personally give full stars )


Received everyone's email!

Thank you! A lot!

Your support really meant a loooot for me!! :D

Good day, everyone!

Stay happy!


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