Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Woman In Black.


This movie will make your balls shrink. Literally.


Fucking big cinema screen.

After the movie, a friend of mine who watched it with me came with a review

"This movie is more terrifying than Insidious."

I don't know, I wouldn't agree to that, but I would say they're probably on the same par or sort.

Here's the Big Reason Why.

It was a not so bad horror movie to begin with.

However; In whatever; regardless of how.

If you put in some thoughts on the Woman in Black (obviously the haunting character, duh)

Doesn't she actually resembles the "Old Lady in Black" from the movie "Insidious"?

So, from this point, I would say that this movie "The Woman In Black" has lost it's way from my liking when it comes to sense of originality.

The effects and spook scenes, they were...not new anymore?

But the whole movie packed itself with a good fright until the end,

the story/plot wise...I would say it's a "meh"

3 out of 5.



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