Monday, January 9, 2012

Batman Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third


Just finished the 2 games :P

And so here's my review:

Batman Arkham City

GOOD gameplay and GOOD storyline,

the atmospheric world really sets in perfectly with the Batman's feel.

(well, though the world is not as big as Grand Theft Auto, but still good enough.)

Batman Arkham City is a sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum,

so yea...DUUUH, the story obviously picked up from there.

There's tons of puzzles you can solve, it's part of the side quests from Riddler.

There's also side quests where you go hunt some other villains which are not from the main story, damn awesome :D

Every characters were very well introduced,

and some of them were characters I haven't seen before..

Not sure if I'm getting outdated from the Batman world..

or these characters suddenly just popped out of from no where...hmmmm =="

But yea...piece of advice if you want to play this game...

Don't fucking die in the game...

otherwise the villains will show up and say disturbing things...==

To sum things up,

If you want to play a very good game.

Batman Arkham City gets

4.9 out of 5.

Saints Row: The Third

From my impression.

Character Creation,

Very cool and very funny,

there's tons of details you can choose from and play with.

It's something you don't see from any other games :D


Damn fucking cool.

Some of them gets really hilarious too,

you can expect some really funny-till-die catch phrases or scripts.


everything started very awesome,

but it gets too repetitive after a while,

and it gets "worse?"

we all know most games gets level up system,

in this game, when it comes to upgrading system..

it gets too out-of-the-world in the end...

No damage, infinite ammo, infinite stamina, blah blah blah...

Aren't those more like cheats....? =.=

So somehow it makes the gameplay from easy to super-easy...

But of course, the good side of this game,

they actually plays awesome music.

To sum things up,

if you looking for a cool game.

Saints Row: The Third gets

4 out of 5



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